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I was apprehensive about going to the dentist during the pandemic, but Dr. Patricia made me super confident. I recommend her with eyes closed! Competent professional, always up to date, an amazing team and as always delights all of her patients.

- Luana B, via WhatsApp, January, 2022

Patricia is fantastic. She is friendly, kind and very professional. She takes great care and takes time with her patients and treats them like friends. My son had his first dentist appointment with her, and she was amazing with him. She created a calm and welcoming atmosphere in the waiting room, with various things to keep nervous children busy/entertained. We left São Paulo and I really miss her!

- Elizabeth O, January, 2019


I met Dr. Patricia about 1 year ago, I had already spent time with some professionals and I can say that I still didn't have a really reliable dentist, but from the first appointment I noticed her professionalism, patient care and her smile and character, besides being an amazing person. From the first appointment I realized that she would be MY DENTIST from now on!!

- Hugo C., via LinkedIn, September, 2018


I was a patient of Patricia C. de Luna during my expatriation in São Paulo. I am very pleased and grateful for her understanding service and the way she and her team do their jobs and treat their patients. Glad to have found her and I recommend her without a doubt. If you need a very good dentist, go there and you will be in good hands.

- Marcus N., via LinkedIn, September, 2018

Dr. Patricia de Luna was our dentist in São Paulo. As a dentist, she was gentle, thorough, careful, and kind. She took care of me and my children's oral health. I loved visiting her office and chatting with her while taking care of my kids.

- Erica W., via LinkedIn, August, 2018

In the decades I've been visiting dentists, I don't remember waiting as happily for an appointment as I do when I go to Patricia's office. She somehow manages to dribble that delicate balance between professionalism and friendliness. It makes you feel like a person, not a number to be ticked off a list. The location of his office is also very well planned - and he doesn't feel frozen when he's having his teeth checked! A dentist who keeps you up to date on current dentistry, while giving you the feeling that you've been a patient of hers for years - highly recommended!

- Jackie W., via LinkedIn, July, 2018

I would like to recommend Dr. Patricia C. de Luna. She has been our family's dentist since we arrived in São Paulo 9 years ago. Kind and great with kids. Best talent in Brazil.

- Ana Isabel C., via LinkedIn, July, 2018


Patricia is an incredibly kind, skilled and gentle dentist. Couldn't recommend her more for any dental need, big or small. She is relentlessly thorough and professional, always wanting to do her best for you.

- Kathryn S., via LinkedIn, July, 2018

I met Dr. Patricia De Luna during my stay in São Paulo. She is the perfect dentist for you and your family! She took care of my kids in an amazing way! She is patient with children and extremely professional with adults! I strongly recommend her!

- Barbara N., via LinkedIn, July, 2018


Patricia is an amazing dentist! so smart, funny and sweet but at the same time very professional, thorough and reliable! I totally recommend her!

- Elise R., via LinkedIn, November 2016

- Cecilia B., via Facebook, April 2016

[Recommend] Patricia de Luna, of course - who else?
- Roberta R., via Facebook, February 2016

I have the privilege of stating that Dr. Patricia de Luna has contributed and continues to contribute to the preservation of oral health and the beauty of my children's smiles.
- Carla P., via Facebook, April 2015

A few months ago, I was looking for a dentist in São Paulo and asked a group of foreigners. Patricia was highly recommended by several people, so I made an appointment. From the moment I picked up the phone to my appointment, everything went smoothly and without any fuss - which is not always the case in Brazil.


But I could never have expected what I had - before the appointment, Patricia really asked me a lot of questions to get to know myself as a patient, explained things that no other dentist has ever explained (and I've always seen good professionals throughout my life), and how she he knew I was new in town, he even asked me what I needed in terms of other health professionals, places to meet and everything else and gave me lots of tips and recommendations. WOW – was the word I came out with.


She has since become friends and is a superstar - always willing to help, super enthusiastic, creative and full of ideas that she really implements. As the owner of my own business, she is also part of my support network. I was looking for a dentist and what I got was so much more.

- Catarina B., via Facebook, January 2015


Patricia is amazing!

- Anne S., via Facebook, August 2014


I recommend Patricia de Luna. Not to mention that she speaks English perfectly.
- Liz J., via Facebook, August 2014


Patricia is very welcoming, she grew up in the USA. Perfect English and schedule a time for each patient!

- Ann W., via Facebook, August 2014


I really recommend Patricia de Luna. 

- Sandra H., via Facebook, August 2014


I really like Patricia de Luna. (...) She does an excellent job, practices fair prices and is very careful!!!

- Dawn M., via Facebook, February 2014


I take my kids to see [Dr. Patricia] too, she's great.

- Mechi D., via Facebook, December  2013


She is a great dentist with a super clean office and clinic room!!

- Anne S., via Facebook, December, 2013


Don't waste another second of your life thinking... check out Patricia...American culture...equivalent to the US standard (or better)!

  - Kevin R., via Facebook, December, 2013


Patricia is a very professional dentist. She always goes above and beyond what is expected and makes my family and I feel cared for and at ease. She is thoughtful and efficient at her job - and truly cares about every patient that walks through the door.

Greatest Qualities: Great Results, Personal, Expert

- D'Andre A., via LinkedIn, June 2013


[My daughter] and I had appointments with Patricia de Luna today. I feel much better taken care of now than I have in a long, long time (even before I moved to Brazil).

- Megan F., via Facebook, June 2013


I think she [Dr. Patricia] is just AWESOME!!!!!

- Franca N., via Facebook, May 2013


Patricia is great! [My four-year-old son is dying to go back to Aunt Patricia's for his checkup.

  - Elizabeth O., via Facebook, May 2013


Patricia de Luna is an excellent dentist!

- Katie R., via Facebook, May 2013


A real savings tip in São Paulo... for your dental needs, contact Dr Patricia de Luna. She is very kind, very knowledgeable and transparent in her dental advice. Their fees are quite competitive. My whole family goes to your office, from my husband, my youngest daughter and myself...I am super happy with your service!

Every child dreads going to the dentist, but thanks to you, [my daughter] has no problem visiting you - she loves you... And your "play" corner was a great idea. Congratulations!

- Cynthia V., via Facebook, May 2013


Dentist and staff very kind. The amount charged was as expected and the dentist had excellent knowledge.

- Katherine T., via WhatClinic, November 2012


Patricia de Luna is an excellent dentist - she might be embarrassed for me to say this, but I'll say it anyway. She even helps me when I'm out of town. That's what I call a good dentist!

- Chris S. via Facebook, July 2012

   I agree!

   - Milena P., via Facebook, July 2012


    - Judy Z., via Facebook, July 2012


Due to previous experiences, I never thought it would be possible to have a good experience at the dentist, but today was great! Thanks to Patricia de Luna!!

- Sylvie F. via Facebook, March 2012


Dr. Patricia was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful to have used her services! From the first moment I called to make an appointment, everyone was very kind and spoke to me in fluent English (which I loved!). She really took the time to chat with me and explain the treatments that were going to be done. I had no pain, my teeth are beautiful and I couldn't have been happier!

- Barbara O. via WhatClinic, February 2012


Patrícia is a professional, dedicated, attentive, who always seeks to be updated in her area of expertise.

Greatest Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

- Fernando P. via LinkedIn, November 2011


Patrícia is a very competent, enlightened, attentive professional, who not only does impeccable work, but in everything she does, she seeks perfection. It is highly trusted and reputable.

Greatest Qualities: Great Results, Personalized, Expert

- Luciana RP via LinkedIn, October 2011


When you live in another country, it helps a lot to be able to communicate comfortably with healthcare professionals. Patricia's understanding of everything Brazilian and American is immensely helpful in making dental care a more or less painless experience. Highly recommended.

Top Qualities: Personalized, Punctual, High Integrity

- Karsten M. via LinkedIn, July 2011


Patricia is thorough and delicate. We had great experiences every time we went!

Megan T. via Facebook, May 2011


I love Patricia as a dentist. She keeps me smiling pretty.

- Chris S. via Facebook, April 2011


Patricia is our family dentist. We have a 4 year old daughter who started treatment with Patricia when she was just 3 years old.  Patricia was very patient with our daughter to ensure that going to the dentist would not be a scary experience (she had some cavities that needed filling). Despite having had several cavities, my daughter loves going to the dentist. In addition, Patricia speaks fluent English and Portuguese. Her restorations look super natural. Thank you Patricia! 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personalized, Creative

- Suzann H, via LinkedIn, April 2011


Patricia de Luna is highly recommended for any dental services.  She does excellent work at a very reasonable price and makes dental visits so much fun that I am always happy when I have to go to the dentist! 

Top Qualities: Personalized, Great Value, High Integrity

- Amy S. via LinkedIn, January 2011


I was Patricia's patient during the time I lived in São Paulo, and I would recommend her. She was one of the best dentists I've encountered in her professionalism, knowledge, attention to patient needs, and thorough hand skill. She also has a witty intellect with a sense of humor and is great for conversation.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personalized, Expert

- Alejandro R. via LinkedIn December 2010


Dr. Patricia De Luna is a stellar professional. She is committed to providing first class dentistry to her patients at a reasonable cost. Highly recommended.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personalized, Expert

- Michael A. via LinkedIn, July 2008



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