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Payment Information

We truly believe that every family should have the right to quality dental treatment in a clean and safe environment, at a fair cost. We don't want finances to be an obstacle in keeping your family healthy. That's why we work with a reduced, qualified and efficient staff and with only the best materials and laboratories.


Costs and Payment Options

The cost of your check-up will be informed as soon as you schedule. Should you require any additional treatments, we will provide you with an estimate at the end of your visit.


We encourage patients to feel free to ask questions and to discuss any concerns you may have regarding costs and payment. We will do our best to address your family's needs and concerns.


Payment for services performed is due immediately after services are provided. Please let us know if you prefer alternative methods, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


* We cannot advertise prices or payment options online, as it is illegal in Brazil to do so as defined by the Federal Dental Ethics Code. (Res. CFO-42/03, Chapter XIV, Section I, Article 34)

* Please also note that due to the nature of dental care, we are unable to provide estimates by email. We kindly request that you schedule an appointment so that we can safely and thoroughly evaluate your case.



We currently accept OMINT dental insurance. If you are covered for dental care under OMINT, we kindly ask that you inform us when scheduling your visit. We also remind you to please bring with you your OMINT card, as well as personal identification.  Under the OMINT contract, we cannot see patients without proper documentation. Please also note that payment of procedures not covered or not authorized by OMINT shall be the sole responsibility of the patient.


Should you have coverage under any other insurance plan, we will be happy to assist you in filling out the necessary forms so you may file for a reimbursement. To optimize your time, we suggest that you verify your coverage prior to your visit and bring with you any forms required by your company.

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